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Welcome to CYPFER

We get your business up and running after a cyber-attack. 

CYPFER works with businesses of all sizes to navigate the complexities of responding to cyber-attacks. Our team of experts in negotiations, digital investigations, infrastructure restoration, environment hardening and workload migration under duress collaborate with you to expedite recovery. We solve your problems in the digital realm before the clock runs out.

Utilizing military-minded teams we work collaboratively locally and remotely to defend, monitor and restore your business during and immediately after a cyber attack.

Your mission is clear, recover quickly and preserve evidence needed to analyze what has transpired. YOUR mission, is OUR mission. 

If you are under attack, contact our team today. 

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Our Services

Cyber–Attack Recovery

Cyber attacks are devestating to a business. When attackers strike your digital assets, it's time to bring in the trusted experts to get back to operations. During an attack, it's important to have a trusted partner on your side who understands what it takes to recover your business operations in an agile and effective manner. This is precisely what CYPFER does day-in day-out. If you are under attack, reach out right away as time is of the essence. 

We are the experts in responding to these attacks:

  • Ransomware
  • Website Compromise
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Extortion Attacks
  • Email System Intrusion and Recovery

If you or your company are under attack, contact us now before it's too late.  

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Advisory Services

Helping you understand and manage your digital risk.

At CYPFER, our advisory services utilize our unique experience in responding to cyber-attacks to pinpoint gaps and provide a clear understanding of your businesses digital posture in an agile cost-effective way. We provide you the guidance to make informed investment decisions and to understand your cyber risks and opportunities in a quick and economical manner.

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Cyber Resilience

Securing your business, technology and vital digital assets from increasing cyber threats

Resiliency is a must in today's digital world where threat actors are constantly looking for opportunities to conduct aggressive attack campaigns against businesses. The risks of an attack are not new, but as incidents become more sophisticated and persistent, organizations need to assess their risk.

With CYPFER expertise at your side, we are able to design an effective and customized program to assess YOUR needs and put in place a program to reduce or mitigate risks associated to cyber-attacks. 

Contact one of our Cyber Resilience expert today

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Digital Executive Protection

CYPFER helps you gain awareness of potential threats against your key executives and locations and works with your executives and team to mitigate possible risks to your key assets, your key employees. 

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Ransomware Recovery

Your Partners of "LAST RESORT"

When a ransomware attack happens, even to the most prepared organization, the situation can cause panic.

The CYPFER ransomware response team stays in-front of the threats attackers use to infiltrate even the most impenetrable system. Our deep understanding of the threat actors allows us to deliver negotitiation consulting services that when combined with our incident remediation services can expedite recovery and minimize business interruption costs. Our consultants are some of the most experienced cyber security experts and negotiators in the industry. 

CYPFER is here to assist with our proven approach to negotiations while protecting your business and yourself from costly, at times emotional, mistakes. 

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About Us

CYPFER is a global market leader in ransomware post-breach remediation and cyber-attack first response. CYPFER’s service portfolio includes:  


CYPFER provides 24/7 service to businesses, organizations, and governments any time on a global scale.   CYPFER combines deep experience in structured, exceptionally creative and threat intelligence enriched negotiation techniques to deliver results that far surpass markets statistics for cyber-extortion and ransomware events team of cybersecurity professionals works with several prominent global insurance carriers, leading law firms and Fortune 1000 organizations.  

CYPFER’s clients are diverse as is its workforce and include SMB businesses of all sectors including financial, manufacturing, distribution & logistics, legal, insurance, professional services, educational institutions, research facilities, healthcare, governments, public infrastructure and not-for-profit.  

Founded in 2019, CYPFER is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with employees across North America. The company employs 40+ people and has immediate plans for 30 new hires in Q3.  Long-term plans for CYPFER include adding leading-edge technologies and infrastructure to serve markets in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. 

CYPFER combines deep experience in structured, exceptionally creative and threat intelligence enriched negotiation techniques to deliver results that far surpass markets statistics for cyber-extortion and ransomware events. 



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