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CYPFER is a trusted cyber security advisor to hundreds of clients including top tier law firms, prominent multi-national corporations, government agencies, and private companies.

We are about actionable cyber intelligence – information, solutions, leadership and actions – that empower your organization in its enterprise capabilities.

It’s one of the most prevalent cyber security threats in the world, making headlines daily: crippling ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are used by independent hacking cells, professional crime syndicates, ex-employees, and so-called hacktivists to extort money from individuals and organizations while crippling your ability to access your files, your client database,
CYPFER incident response teams are available with minimal notice, supporting your organization in its technical, legal, social and HR response to a breach event. We work with your existing breach response plans or utilize our dynamic breach response methodology to identify, contain, remove and recover during a security incident.
CYPFER Advisory Services provide a clear understanding of an organization’s exposure to cyber attack, and the impact it would have on their business.

We review your security infrastructure and help ensure you are safeguarded against cyber attacks and breaches.
The financial, social and organizational effect a breach incident has on your organization will largely be based on the established plan your organization has in place as well as your current preventive security measures. Our Breach Readiness Assessment reviews your organization’s current practices to establish a specific plan that addresses the requirements of Board members, technology stake-holders, staff and your technical implementations.

Our focus is on Global Emergency response expertise to Cyberattacks offering “in the trenches” recovery, digital agile transformation and proactive cyber services.

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Our Expertise

What Sets Us Apart

Globally Accessible

Globally Accessible

With offices in Canada, US, Europe and the Caribbean.
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

Decades of experience in law enforcement, military, intelligence services and the private sector.
Offensive Security

Offensive Security

Knowledge of criminal tactics, techniques and procedures.
Technology and Intelligence

Technology and Intelligence

Behavioural monitoring and ethical hacking tools to identify, detect and respond to threats.
Effective Team

Effective Team

Penetration testers, engineers and consultants collaborate to improve the effectiveness of our recommendations.
Client Focus

Client Focus

Long term commitment to pragmatic risk reduction.

Meet Our Leadership

The wealth of experience and expertise our team provides our organization and our clients is instrumental to growth in an international security profile through the deployment of thought leadership, new solutions, strategic recommendations and advancing technology.

Mission Statement

We Are CYPFER - Cyber Intelligence Reimagined.

Our brand promise is simple: commercial restoration with velocity, with little to no downside, added risk or loss of value – measured in revenues, operational output and trust.

We are on a mission to be THE global leader in cyber security providing top tier remediation services powered by our world class emergency response teams. Serving businesses big and small, privately held and publicly traded; that have become the target of cyber threat actors.

We reconcile, recalibrate and restore businesses that experience cyber attacks with power, grace and ease.