Cybersecurity London

London, England is a global hub for technology, governance, communications, and more, making London-based organizations prime targets for cybercrime. Protecting your business or organization requires knowledge and strategies that many companies don’t have in-house. That is why CYPFER has emerged as a leader in cybersecurity in London. 

We help protect businesses, organizations, and government institutions of all sizes and across all sectors from cyber attacks. We couple fast and effective responses to attacks with proactive efforts so you can handle crises efficiently and protect your data from future threats. 

London Cybersecurity Services 

London’s diverse range of businesses and institutions have diverse cybersecurity needs. At CYPFER we take a client-centered approach to understanding the goals and weaknesses of each client’s system and thoroughly investigate all threats as soon as they are detected. With a team of cybersecurity experts available 24/7/365, you can trust that any cyber attack will be eradicated and your data will be recovered as quickly as possible. 

Here is a quick breakdown of our cybersecurity services offered in London.

Incident Response: Defend Your London Business Against Cyber Threats

When your cybersecurity systems have been breached, every minute counts. That’s why we prioritize fast incident response and thorough investigation into how the threat got through. Our team has decades of experience spanning law enforcement, military, intelligence services, and the private sector. We have in-depth knowledge of even the most advanced offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies and plenty of experience negotiating through extortion cases. 

Our process is clear. Deploy an organized response to eradicate the threat, conduct a thorough investigation of the causes and impacts, and restore and recover all data and systems affected. 

We specialize in cyber attacks involving:

Contain and Eradicate

Our team is available 24//7/365 so we can respond to any threat as it happens. If you need emergency incident response in London, call us to book an immediate 30-minute consultation for free. Once we understand your situation, we create a tailored strategy to combat the threat and mitigate the risks and losses.


During and after the attack, we do a thorough investigation of the root causes and impact of the cyber attack. This informs our strategy for containing the threat and highlights weak areas within your cyber defence system. Through ongoing monitoring and testing, we offer an incident response retainer to protect your organization from future cyber threats. 

Negotiate and Recover

Our team has helped resolve many complex extortion cases for businesses and government organizations. We help you assess the severity of the threat, handle negotiations with threat actors, and facilitate secure and confidential payments. 

Ransomware Services London

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to data or a system until a sum of money is paid. Handling ransomware situations can be stressful for any organization. That is why working with CYPFER is so valuable. We have a proven strategy for ransomware remediation and negotiation that has been proven to mitigate risks and losses.


We pride ourselves in executing fast and effective recovery strategies to restore your operations as soon as possible, with as little disruption as possible. Our team of experts utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your system is back to normal and that your security measures are stronger than ever.


If your organization is under attack, don’t wait another minute to call CYPFER to assess your situation. We offer the fastest response times in the industry and will quickly assess the scope of the breach, create a recovery plan, and restore your systems to normal.


Using the latest tools and techniques we will follow up our remediation efforts with a comprehensive restoration plan. Ransomware attacks require immediate action, expertise, and strategies to improve your system to ensure minimal disruption and maximum safety. 

Digital Forensics: Unveiling the Truth in Complex Investigations

If you have detected any cybercrime, employee misconduct, or misappropriation of your trade secrets, CYPFER can help you get to the bottom of the situation. Our digital forensics services help London businesses and agencies investigate cases of fraud or breaches of cybersecurity and provide insight into the best course of action following the incident. 

Our team can help to collect information, investigate the case, and support you in negotiations with insurance companies or in collaborations with legal experts.

We can help you investigate any case of cybercrime that you may be facing, including:

Data Recovery Services London

When you have lost important data or had databases corrupted from a security breach, the potential losses to your business are massive. CYPFER helps you recover data from a variety of storage devices using state-of-the-art tools and methods. 

We can help recover data from storage systems like:

  • Internal or external hard disk drives
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB drives
  • Magnetic tapes
  • RAID subsystems
  • Servers and databases
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud storage

Why Choose CYPFER as Your Partner for Cybersecurity in London

CYPFER is a leader in cybersecurity solutions for businesses, institutions, and government agencies in London and across the globe. With 24/7/365 availability and a headquarters in London, our team is well-positioned to provide the fastest response available to resolve any cyber threats. 

Our goal is to provide quick and effective resolutions for your cyber emergencies and to help your organization build toward a future of cyber certainty. Through a proactive approach, CYPFER can offer insights into ways you can improve your security systems to better protect against threats in the future. We offer incident response retainer services, technical testing, and dark web monitoring so you can stay ahead of cyber threats before they strike. 

Contact Us to Ensure Cyber Certainty For Your Organization

If you are looking for help resolving an immediate cyber attack or if you want to improve your organization’s cybersecurity systems, call CYPFER today to book a free consultation. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to threats as efficiently as possible.