Cybersecurity New York

In the fast-paced world of New York, businesses need to look out for the security of their digital assets. Cyber attacks can be catastrophic for a company. Ransomware can leave you paying out some serious cash and malware can threaten your whole bottom line. Protect your business or organization with CYPFER’s expert cybersecurity services in New York. 

We help create proactive defensive solutions and offer immediate incident response to businesses, government institutions and organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. Our expertise is as diverse as New York businesses. With thorough assessments and investigation, we can tailor your solutions to your specific needs and weaknesses to handle any crisis and proactively defend against any threat. 

New York Cybersecurity Services

From risk assessment to system restoration, our team can help you respond to incidents immediately and mitigate the damages caused by cyber attacks. With 24/7/365 availability, we offer the fastest response times possible to resolve cybersecurity crises with minimal disruption.

Stay Ahead of Attackers with Our Risk Assessment Services in New York

Futureproof your systems with CYPFER’s risk assessment services. We have ventured into the depths of the most sophisticated cyber attacks and understand what it takes to defend against them. We do a thorough assessment of your current cybersecurity defense measures to highlight and resolve areas of susceptibility.

Manage Threats Immediately with the Fastest Incident Response in New York

When you have experienced a breach, time is of the essence. With the fastest incident response services in New York and 24/7 availability, we respond to crises immediately. Our team has decades of experience combating cyber attacks, with experience in law enforcement, government intelligence services, military, and the private sector, we have seen it all. Combining our team’s decades of expertise with the latest technology means you can rest assured that your breach will be resolved swiftly. 

Our process is simple but effective. 

  • Assess the severity of the threat
  • Contain and eradicate the attack
  • Negotiate with threat actors when necessary
  • Investigate how the breach occurred and the damage it caused
  • Restore affected systems and look for solutions to improve security
  • Help your business recover with as little disruption as possible

New York Ransomware Remediation, Restoration, and Recovery

Let us handle the stress of ransomware attacks. At CYPFER, we specialize in efficiently responding to ransomware, eradicating the threat, negotiating on your behalf, and ensuring secure payments when necessary. We have negotiation experts on staff and have developed effective strategies to minimize the damage caused by ransomware attacks. 


If your business is under attack, contact CYPFER immediately. We offer free immediate consultation and the fastest response times available. We will quickly assess the threat and develop a tailored plan to remediate the issue and return your operations to business as normal.


Following a ransomware attack we will investigate the severity of the attack and help restore all systems affected. With quick remediation we can minimize the damage and using expert strategies we can restore all systems with as little disruption as possible. 

Digital Forensics New York: Unveiling the Truth in Complex Investigations

Let CYPFER get to the bottom of your digital security breaches. Our digital forensics services help New Your businesses investigate fraud, employee misconduct, misappropriation of intellectual property, and many other cyber crimes.

After we uncover the truth and disciplinary action has been taken, we can also help you negotiate with insurance companies or serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings, if necessary. 

Our digital forensics services are available for a variety of cyber crimes, including:

Data Recovery Services New York

Losing critical data from physical damage, cyber attacks, or wear and tear can lead to major losses and implications for your company. CYPFER helps New Your organizations recover data to mitigate these losses. Using state-of-the-art tools and expert insight we can help you recover data from a wide range of storage systems, including:

  • Internal or external hard disk drives
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB drives
  • Magnetic tapes
  • RAID subsystems
  • Servers and databases
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud storage

Achieve Cyber Certainty with Incident Response Retainer Services and Ongoing Support

CYPFER offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help your company develop secure cybersecurity systems and maintain these systems in the long run. With our incident response retainers services, you can ensure you have a team of cybersecurity experts on your side, ready to respond to threats the moment they happen. Then through continuous testing and monitoring, we can ensure your cybersecurity systems stay up-to-date and impenetrable to attacks. 

By choosing Cyber Certainty with CYPFER, you don’t just get quick incident response or expert digital forensic investigations. You get a holistic approach that protects your organization and assets, fortifying your defenses against present and future threats. 

CYPFER: Global Leaders in Cybersecurity

CYPFER is a leader in cybersecurity services not just in New York, but around the globe. Our team has decades of combined experience eradicating cyber attacks and restoring systems. With 24/7/365 availability, we are always prepared to respond to cyber threats or consult about proactive strategies. 

Our clients are as diverse as New York, with small to mid-sized businesses in just about every sector, from manufacturing businesses to educational institutions to not-for-profit organizations. Our team has the expertise to manage any threat and with over 10,000 incidents managed on behalf of our clients, our track record speaks for itself.  

Contact Us to Ensure Cyber Certainty For Your Organization

Contact CYPFER today for immediate incident response or to book a consultation for assessment and ongoing support. Rest assured that the digital security of your New York business, government agency, or organization is in good hands when you partner with the cybersecurity experts at CYPFER.