Cybersecurity Santiago

The heart of Chile and a South American hub for commerce and creative industries. Santiago businesses should have systems in place to protect their intellectual property and databases, and a plan for managing cyber threats as soon as they occur. That is where CYPFER comes in. We provide holistic cybersecurity solutions to help businesses and organizations across sectors establish proactive defence measures against cyber attacks, respond to incidents with speed and prowess, and restore systems with as little disruption as possible. 

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions in Santiago

At CYPFER, we offer cybersecurity services from risk assessment to incident response to ongoing monitoring and retainer services. Our team has decades of experience responding to cyber threats spanning law enforcement, military, intelligence services, and the private sector. We have a deep understanding of offensive and defensive strategies to help your business or institution proactively defend against cyber threats and efficiently respond to attacks. 

Risk Assessment Services–Stay One Step Ahead of Attackers

By building up your defence systems and with consistent testing and monitoring, we can help ensure your business is well protected from would-be attackers. We can do a thorough investigation of your current systems to highlight any weak points and create a plan to improve the overall security of your business. 

To maintain this security, we offer testing, dark web monitoring, and incident response retainer services, so you stay prepared for any incoming attacks. The more ready you can make your business, the faster you can respond to threats and mitigate risks, potentially saving your business.

Manage Threats With Expert Incident Response in Santiago

CYPFER is well-positioned to tackle any cyber attack that threatens your Santiago business. Advanced military tactics, with expertise in offensive and defensive strategies, guide our approach to cyber attack incident response. We specialize in ransomware remediation and post-breach restoration, with experts in negotiation and data recovery ready to handle any threat.

Our incident response services include:

Ransomware Remediation, Recovery, and Restoration

Our team specializes in managing ransomware attacks, from taking proactive steps to protecting your systems against ransomware to negotiating with threat actors to restoring systems to normal following the attack. If you are experiencing a cyber attack, don’t wait to contact CYPFER to start investigating the case and negotiating on your behalf. 

We have a proven record of success in ransomware remediation, and our fast and efficient response ensures we minimize risks and losses. Our team is available 24/7/365, so we are ready to respond no matter when an attacker strikes.

Extortion Negotiations and Settlements

Dealing with extortion cases is a stressful affair for any business. The negotiation experts on staff will handle it for you. We aim to always work alongside our clients to mitigate risks and facilitate secure and confidential payments when necessary. We tailor our strategy to each client and each situation so we can accurately assess the severity of the threat and develop a well-informed plan for eradication.

Advanced Persistent Threats and Nation-State Attacks

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and nation-state attacks are the most sophisticated cybersecurity challenges. We specialize in detecting, investigating, and neutralizing these threats, no matter how advanced they might be. 

We employ a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing APTs and nation-state attacks involving:

  • Threat analysis using the latest technology
  • Rapid and strategic incident response
  • Continuous monitoring 

Santiago Data Recovery Services

We understand the value of recovering data that is lost, damaged, or compromised from a cyber attack. Our data recovery services include a range of solutions to retrieve and restore critical data from just about any storage device. Whether you’ve experienced data loss due to logical damage, electronic failure, wear and tear, or physical damage, CYPFER can help. 

We offer data recovery services for a wide range of storage media devices, including:

  • Internal or external hard disk drives
  • Solid-state drives
  • USB drives
  • Magnetic tapes
  • RAID subsystems
  • Servers and databases
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud storage

Investigations and Digital Forensics Santiago

If you are dealing with any digital misconduct, cybercrime, or unauthorized access to your intellectual property, CYPFER is equipped to investigate and resolve the matter for you. Our digital forensics expertise aids Santiago-based organizations in navigating through complex cyber incidents, offering clarity and guidance post-investigation. Our team is here to help you gather evidence, conduct thorough investigations, and provide support during subsequent legal or insurance discussions.

We can help you investigate a wide range of cyber crimes including:

Cyber Certainty: Keeping Your Business Secure 

At CYPFER our mission is to keep your business or organization secure from cyber threats at all times. That means taking a holistic approach to protecting your organization from proactive assessment to post-breach restoration. 

When you work with CYPFER you get a team of experts working as your cybersecurity partners to ensure your organization is well-equipped to handle any cyber attack. We aim to bring a state of cyber certainty to all of our clients through 24/7/365 retainer services, ongoing testing and monitoring, and expert advisory services to guide you through the maze of cybersecurity challenges.

CYPFER: Global Leaders in Cybersecurity

CYPFER is a growing leader in cybersecurity solutions in Santiago and around the world. We offer the fastest response times and round-the-clock availability so your organization is always prepared in the event of an attack. 

Our team combines cutting-edge technology with comprehensive knowledge of the most advanced offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies to combat even the most sophisticated threats. 

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