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Paying ransom in a cyber attack is not recommended, let CYPFER work with your team to identify the appropriate strategy in your unique situation.  


CYPFER provides 24-7-365 response for ransomware recovery. Our experience traverses over 650 incidents and counting, our experts work with your Incident Response Team to settle the ransom and recover the data decryption key as quickly as possible.  

CYPFER offers:

One-stop all-inclusive ransomware recovery and restoration solutions. We work closely with your insurance carriers and legal counsel to deliver our services in a competitive, effective and confidential manner. 

We work constantly with claims departments to make sure our ransom facilitation process is efficient, transparent, cost-effective, and matches policy expectations and coverage.


Our process ensures that all the relevant regulations are followed including a detailed OFAC compliance reporting to ensure payments are not made to sanctioned entities and that Anti-Money Laundry verifications and processes are followed. 

If you are under attack, contact us now and we will be pleased to support you through this ordeal. If you are interested in a proactive approach to our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss our retainer offerings. 

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