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Proactive ongoing assessments are critical to an organization's security posture. In simple terms, cyber criminals are testing your business even while you are reading this page, without your consent. These adversaries, are technically saavy, intelligent, motivated and in majority of cases extremely proficient in what and how they do things. They are not restricted by budgets, red-tape, change management or a myraid of other "excuses". 

You are left with the task of managing risk associated to your organization, under a range of various constraints and we understand it can be challenging to manage under such conditions but manage you must. One key aspect that you can and should strive to achieve is the expertise you will be acquiring as part of an internal or external proactive services. 

The professionals performing proactive services on your behalf, whether internal resources or external resources should be working in the cyber-attack incident response field, if they are not, their knowledge is limited to what they read not experience. 

CYPFER brings experience to our assessments. Simply put, the experts conducting your assessments are the same responding to cyber-attacks on behalf of our reactive services clients. We know what is relevant and what is no longer so. We focus on actionable and relevant gaps. 


The key to conducting proactive assessments is experience, timeliness and repeatability. Assessments are "point-in-time" which refers to the fact that once an assessment is completed, new risks may emerge that are applicable to the organization being assessed and hence repeatability of assessments is very important. 

Discuss with our experts an appropriate frequency for assessments and ask about our long term approach to partnering with our clients. 

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