Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence

In an increasingly digital operating environment, organizations need to up their game around cyber risk, especially in terms of investment in people, training and awareness as well as infrastructure. With CYPFER Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence solutions, we work with your organization to customize a proactive and reactive cyber threat solution.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an anonymous and unindexed part of the Internet which is not accessible via standard browsers or search engines. The anonymity of the Dark Web gives cyber criminals a cover to plan and launch cyber attacks on your infrastructure – and your networks data.

Hackers try to hack systems and steal information not only for financial profit but also to gain ‘respect’ from their community of the dark web. After they steal the information, they upload it on the dark web to either sell the stolen data or promote their hacking achievements.

CYPFER Deep Web and Dark Web Investigations and Analysis

Deep Web and Dark Web Investigations and Analysis are an important part of the CYPFER security audits, forensic and ransomware investigations and breach response details. We explore historical, current and on-going releases of information on white, gray and black-market channels as it relates to your organization, staff and confidential information. Our investigations include comprehensive data mining, conversations in forums and chats, and the on-going development of investigative entry points and assets.

We operate our dark web practice in a secure and anonymous manner that never exposes CYPFER or your organization to sourced threats. We employ a variety of security measures from account aliases, multiple-VPN connections, and single use systems to get the information you need to act in an effective manner.

We explore a variety of sources through manual and automated measures to give you both breadth and depth of information. Our day to day activities have allowed us to establish global connections in gray and dark communities.  Our team members are carefully trained in practices we have developed from our private, military and law enforcement activities to maintain our privacy and security.

Our team has helped organization uncover historical exposures and on-going attack details during security audits and breach investigations including:

  • Exposed account and password lists
  • Back-door exploits to systems with restricted information
  • Identity of individuals performing on-going attacks
  • New malware to be released to the streets, weeks in advance
  • Confidential information including drivers licenses
  • Disclosure of financial plans through corporate espionage

The CYPFER Advantage

CYPFER prides itself on its years of expertise fighting cyber crime with the most experienced internationally recognized team of military, law and police enforcement professionals. With CYPFER Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence services you gain access to our highly experienced team to provide personalized support to your organization 24/7.

Predict, detect and respond to the next cyber attack with Cypfer