Natural resources firm bugged by two employees

Natural resources firm bugged by two employees

At a natural resources company, someone hacked in and stole personal information belonging to company executives. The hackers even had photos of the executives using the restroom.

CYPFER assigned a big team to this case: two security specialists, a forensic examiner, and a malware specialist.

“What we found was an inside job. Two disgruntled employees wanted to get two executives fired at the natural resources company. Why? Because the executives knew that the disgruntled employees were stealing from the company,” says Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER.

The executives gave warnings to the two disgruntled employees. If the theft did not stop, they would be fired.

With the assistance of a third person, the two disgruntled employees brought in internet of things (IoT) devices into the workplace. A clock, a teddy bear, their own routers, hidden cameras, and much more that would give people on the outside access to the natural resource company’s computer network.

“They were even able to hack some of the security cameras. Their game was to extort the two executives who had caught them stealing,” says Tobok.

When CYPFER conducted a bug sweep of the natural resources company, they found all kinds of devices that were not part of the company’s IT infrastructure.

“These two disgruntled employees were getting ready to perpetrate wire fraud. So, these were little criminals who wanted to upscale their operation,” says Tobok.