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Darin Bielby

Darin Bielby

Darin Bielby is Managing Director of CYPFER Corporation. He works with CYPFER’s leadership and consulting professionals to help clients understand and respond to risks. His commitment to clients, focus on achieving successful outcomes, and high energy makes Darin the “first phone call” for companies, insurers, outside counsel, and technology professionals when a cybersecurity crisis hits.  

Darin combines his knowledge of cybersecurity, the regulatory landscape, and litigation threats with insights he gleans from company executives, brokers, legal counsel, private equity and government regulars to identify current and future risks. 

He brings almost 30 years of business experience helping clients and partners across industry sectors to mitigate risk, address challenges, and take advantage of opportunities at CYPFER. His decades of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise have given him an impressive understanding of cyber security solutions for clients in a range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, business services, real estate, technology, energy, and many others.

Darin was a founder of Navigant Consulting’s Cybersecurity & Privacy Practice, acquired by Ankura in August 2018, where he built, managed, and led the[JS1]  global cyber insurance ecosystem including companies, brokers, insurers, law firms, and technology partners. Since 2010, Darin has helped more than 4,000 companies and government agencies to prevent and respond to cyber attacks including ransomware, business email compromise, nation-state attacks, credit card breaches, and more. 

Darin believes it is important to increase awareness of risk management, cybersecurity, and ransomware attack vectors for businesses, government, academia, and tech entrepreneurs. Because of this, he maintains a busy schedule as a speaker at industry conferences and for clients:

Darin has attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Education program. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Marketing and Management from the University of Delaware. 

Darin Bielby is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and regularly travels nationally as well as internationally.  

 Contact Darin at 267-319-2647 or Email [email protected]

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