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Chad Senechal

Chad Senechal

Chad Senechal

Chad Senechal is Director, Business Development at CYPFER.

He brings more than 20 years of sales and client success experience across multiple industries including cybersecurity, software, technology, and communications to CYPFER and its management team. 

Prior to joining CYPFER, Chad was a Director of Customer Success at a global cybersecurity software company specializing in detection, response, and IT resilience.

With Chad's robust experience in solution selling and commitment to client success, he is uniquely qualified to guide clients not only through post-breach remediations, but equally important, to improve their proactive cyber-readiness posture:  prevention. 

Clients appreciate his background in the incident response, cybersecurity, and software industries allowing him to holistically explain the required steps and incorporate clients’ objectives at each phase. This results in the most efficient and effective recovery process.

Chad’s goal for solving complex client issues is to always go ‘above and beyond’ for 100% client satisfaction.

Contact Chad at. 305.995.8222 or Email [email protected]

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