“The Feed,” SiriusXM: DanielTobok talks to Amber Mac & Michael Bancroft about social media dangers

Appearing on “The Feed,” with Amber Mac and Michael Bancroft, SiriusXM Canada, Channel 167, on July 4, 2017, cyber security expert and CEO of Cypfer Daniel Tobok warned about the dangers of over-sharing on social media. “The Feed” covers a broad range of technology issues.

“Everyone has access to technology. It’s everywhere. You can’t get away from it. But understand that cyber crooks get a lot of information from materials that everyone posts themeselves,” said Tobok.

“It’s critical to understand what cyber crooks want. They want your data. Data can be traded for money. Data is the currency of today. The future will be about who controls data,” he said.

“90% of people volunteer their information through social media,” said Tobok. Here’s my email. Here’s my phone number. Here is where I live. I have a lovely second home in Mexico. Here’s the fancy car I just bought.

“Cyber armies harvest this data! Who knows what they do with it, at a later time,” said Tobok.

Be mindful of how, where, and when you connect to the internet. Don’t do you banking on a public WiFi; they’re not secure. If you have private photos, don’t have them on your phone. Encrypt those files and set a password for the file. Have complex passwords, not “ABC123,” he told the hosts.

Once cyber crooks get your data, they can buy toolkits on the internet for $200 that can hack any computer to get your credit cards, debit card, or other accounts like eBay, Amazon, and PayPal.