OTTAWA BUSINESS JOURNAL – Ottawa companies turn to tech, training to fill cybersecurity talent gap

Daniel Tobok
E: [email protected]
Posted on: March 20, 2019

As the risk of cybercrime climbs, a lack of cybersecurity talent has organizations looking to technology to fill the gap. However, experts from Ottawa’s cybersecurity sector say a mix of both tech and talent is necessary to keep Canadians and businesses safe.

In 2017, more than a fifth of Canadian businesses were affected by a cybersecurity incident, according to Statistics Canada. A report by Deloitte estimated a seven per cent growth in demand would result in approximately 5,000 cybersecurity jobs between 2018 and 2021.

Daniel Tobok, CEO of cybersecurity consulting firm Cypfer, says machine learning and human expertise are both critical to fighting today’s cyberattacks.

“You cannot replace people with tools,” says Tobok. “It’s really a combination that will make the difference.”

Tobok says it’s not enough for businesses and schools to tackle the problem; cybersecurity is an issue the government needs to take leadership on.