Cypfer Turns 1:
Learn About Cypfer’s Journey From Start – Up to Cybersecurity Leader

Welcome to the remarkable journey of CYPFER, where we have transformed from a start-up into a leading force in the cybersecurity landscape. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has enabled us to overcome challenges, achieve breakthroughs, and protect businesses from ever-evolving cyber threats.

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As the founder and CEO of CYPFER, it would be natural to acknowledge the team, the professionals and our clients that have made us world class within our inaugural year of operation. However, that would be an understatement, because cyber security has grown to become not just a business opportunity, but rather now a responsibility – one that I and the CYPFER team takes very seriously.

Indeed I am grateful for the time, investment of faith and bandwidth those that make CYPFER impeccably professional. I am equally humbled for the vote of confidence our clients and customers make every day in our team through times of crisis and challenge.

My promise is this: we are only getting started preserving and protecting what matters most to companies, businesses and their stakeholders without compromise. After all, we are cybersecurity reimagined.

Daniel Tobok,