CYPFER receives multi-million-dollar investment from private equity firm

Toronto, Ontario – December 7, 2021 – CYPFER, a market leader in ransomware consulting and advisory, today announced that it has closed on a substantial multi-million-dollar investment from an international private equity firm. Neither the exact amount of the investment nor its terms were disclosed.

“Specifically, the investment will go toward expanding and improving our services including Post-Breach Remediation, Data Restoration, and Cyber Advisory Consulting,” said Jason Kotler, Founder & President of CYPFER.

“the investment will allow CYPFER to better help clients in distress from ransomware attacks. Both downtime and recovery time from cyber-attacks have been costly and crippling to businesses of various sizes” said Kotler.

“Equally important, the investment will allow us to operationalize long-term plans for CYPFER including adding leading-edge technologies and infrastructure to expand to markets in the US, Canada, and Europe,” said Kotler.

CYPFER’s five services include:  1) Cyber-Attack Recovery;  2) Advisory;  3) Cyber Resilience;  4) Digital Executive Protection; and 5) Ransomware Recovery.
Ransomware—software installed via email or via infected websites to extort businesses—has been growing at exponential rates throughout 2021. Once infected, clients’ data is extorted by independent hackers, hackers working for organized crime, or hackers working for state-actors (like China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia):  intellectual property;  financial/payment systems;  customer records;  and more. Industry sectors like government and healthcare are particularly affected by ransomware because cyber criminals know that these organizations must pay to get their data back.


CYPFER Corporation is a market leader in ransomware consulting, ransomware negotiation, and Advisory. The company provides 24/7 service to businesses 365 days of the year.

CYPFER executives and cybersecurity professionals regularly work with the world’s prominent insurance carriers, leading law firms and Fortune 1000 organizations.

Founded in 2019, CYPFER is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.