CYPFER launches ‘Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training’

North American cybersecurity firm CYPFER is launching
Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training that provides clients with truly innovative employee training based on best practices in adult education, as well as video gaming technologies, and humour.

“Our Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training is designed to be more than just a set of tools, videos, and a library of information,” said CYPFER CEO
Daniel Tobok. “We have developed employee cybersecurity training that gets employees’ attention and motivates them to change their behaviour, both in the workplace and at home.”

“For organizations, that’s empowering. And very powerful,” added Mr. Tobok.

“Today, every organization must have cybersecurity awareness training baked into its overall business strategy. It is no longer an option or a frill,” said Mr. Tobok, explaining that employees are frequent targets of hackers.

The head of CYPFER’s Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training Division is
Danny Pehar, an 18-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry. Mr. Pehar is also a motivational speaker, standup comic, and best-selling author.

CYPFER has educated professionals throughout North America and Europe on cybersecurity awareness across a broad range of industries including critical infrastructure, banking and finance, insurance, non-profit, e-commerce, telecommunication, retail, manufacturing and engineering.

Daniel Tobok is the go-to cybersecurity expert when Canadian
reporters, editors, and reporters need commentary on cyber breaches. He has been quoted in Maclean’s Magazine, Global News, The Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Star,among others.

CYPFER has four lines of business: 1) Cyber Breach Investigations; 2) Digital Forensic Investigations; 3) Offensive Security Services such as penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, breach response audits, and phishing audits; and 4) Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

CYPFER is Canada’s largest independent cybersecurity firm. In 2018, CYPFER opened offices in Ottawa, Canada, as well as New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Boca Raton in the U.S. The firm opened its doors in early 2016. CYPFER is headquartered in Toronto. Click on


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