CYPFER CEO: Companies That Assume They Are Secure Risk Being Devalued in M&A Deals

Experiencing a Cyber Breach is an Opportunity to Increase the
Valuation of Companies During M&A Deals

TORONTO / MIAMI – April 05, 2023 – According to the cyber security response team, CYPFER, experiencing a cyber-breach may benefit companies during M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) deals. The company’s CEO, Daniel Tobok, stated that it’s a good thing when a M&A deal involves a potential entity that has experienced a breach. It is essential to see how they handled it and what they’ve done to correct it.

Companies that have experienced a breach are more likely to comprehend their security gaps and explain to a buyer what they’ve done to better secure their assets. Tobok stated that this is more comfortable than dealing with a company that claims to be spotless with no incidents. Companies that assume they are secure are an example of the “gap in maturity” in the industry, and it’s never a question of “if” but “when.”

In one M&A deal, the seller, a software company, demonstrated how they proactively prevented countless cyber breach attempts against their systems. This ultimately secured them a higher selling price. Tobok explained that the seller defended over 100,000 attempts on their back end and increased their selling price by 4.5%.

Tobok explained that most companies misunderstand the impact of cybersecurity on evaluating their business. It can devalue a particular deal by 17 – 22% if an entity is found to have unresolved cyber gaps.

In conclusion, experiencing a cyber-breach is not all doom and gloom. It may benefit companies during M&A deals by enabling them to demonstrate their proactive security measures, which could lead to a higher selling price. Companies that assume they’re secure are at risk of being devalued in a deal. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that cybersecurity is a priority.

How can a company determine if they’re assuming they are safe from cyber threats? They can ask themselves, “when was the last meeting we discussed cybersecurity?” and “who were the last cyber experts we consulted?” If these questions are hard to answer, then contact CYPFER today at and make cybersecurity an essential part of your business strategy and increasing your valuation.


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