CITY NEWS – Rona customer victim of credit card fraud says retailer should have called police

Daniel Tobok
E: [email protected]
Posted on: July 10, 2017

A Toronto woman says she has filed a report with Toronto police after she claims a man attempted to steal hundreds of dollars from her credit card.

Suzanne, who doesn’t want to her last name published, told CityNews she was notified of the attempt when an employee from Rona called her Saturday evening to ask if she had authorized a man to pick up an item that was purchased online with her credit card.

With her full name, address and credit card number in the hands of the man, she said she and the employee quickly realized it was a theft.

A cyber security consultant told CityNews retailers don’t tend to call law enforcement when there may be a fraud case, because there are safety concerns and fears of lawsuits.

“A person is just trying to do their job behind the counter and they’re telling the person there’s an issue, so it can become violent, very dramatic in the store,” Daniel Tobok, a cyber security expert and CEO of Cypfer, said.