CBC NEWS – ‘Lack of judgment’: Manitoba political experts weigh in on Premier’s email use

Daniel Tobok
E: [email protected]
Posted on: March 20, 2019

Freedom-of-information records released July 14 and obtained by CBC News show senior government staff used Esther Pallister as a channel to the premier on multiple occasions.

Daniel Tobok, the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Cypfer, said the premier should have been educated on the importance of secure government infrastructure for communication. Protections offered by free email services don’t compare, he said.

“The security there is very minimal. It’s made for personal use. I always tell everyone, unless you’re prepared for this information to be intercepted and be posted on the front of a newspaper, do not use it for confidential information,” he said.

Tobok said user education on the risk of using unprotected communication infrastructure is as critical as using the secured platforms themselves.

“This is not something out of Mission Impossible 8. This happens every single day and it’s fairly easy,” he said.