CANADA NEWSWIRE: Canadian cyber security expert Daniel Tobok launches new firm, CYPFER

Daniel Tobok

Date: June 22, 2016

Daniel Tobok, an internationally recognized cyber security and digital forensics expert, launches CYPFER Inc., a new elite kind of cyber security firm.

First, CYPFER will only employ top global talent, including winners of international security competitions and forensic investigators who have decades of experience. Second, the firm will focus on providing forensics expertise and cyber security consulting to organizations and industries with the most sensitive data and network security requirements.

“CYPFER is the elite force of global cyber security,” says Tobok, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer. He has personally participated in more than 1,000 computer forensic investigations and more than 800 security audits and risk analysis engagements over 18 years. He regularly speaks to the media to educate executives on the current patterns and trends in cyber security. He has been quoted in The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, and The Law Times, among others.

CYPFER has three lines of business: Cyber Breach Investigations; Digital Forensic Investigations, and critical Offensive Security Services such as penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, breach response audits, and phishing audits.

“Smart organizations and Boards recognize that cyber risk is real. Today, it’s not ‘if’ you will get breached but ‘when.’ Boards need to be ready to answer these questions:  What did you know? When did you know it? And, what did you do about it?” says Tobok.

Mr. Tobok is well known on Bay Street, home to Canada’s largest law firms. He has handled confidential investigations for many Bay Street law firms, during sensitive litigation as well as high profile international mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers.

The range of CYPFER clients in critical industries includes: financial institutions, including banks, brokerage, and insurance firms; law firms; oil & gas facilities; refineries & petrochemical industry; power generation and transmission; research and development; software and technology companies; telecommunications; airports, seaports, trucking and transportation hubs; defense & homeland security; and water utilities.

CYPFER is headquartered in Toronto and serves clients in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Click on