CANADA NEWSWIRE: Karen Ellis appointed Vice President, Business Development of CYPFER Inc.

TORONTO, ON – July 18, 2016 – Karen Ellis has been appointed Vice President, Business Development of CYPFER Inc., by CEO Daniel Tobok. In this new role, Ms. Ellis is responsible for growing and managing client and partner relationships across the entire CYPFER cyber security service portfolio.
“The Board and I are delighted that Ms. Ellis is joining CYPFER. She has a talent for transforming teams by establishing outstanding relationships among employees, clients, colleagues and vendors. She builds lasting relationships with clients and that’s the bedrock we intend to build our business on,” added Tobok.

An information technology and information security services veteran, Ms. Ellis brings more than 30 years of information security, IT infrastructure, as well as partner and channel experience to CYPFER’s clients.

“I am thrilled to accept the position of Vice President of Business Development at CYPFER. Helping Daniel Tobok build the elite force of global cyber security will be both challenging and personally fulfilling,” said Ms. Ellis.

Ms. Ellis has a decade of experience delivering risk-based security planning and management consulting across multiple verticals including financial services, the public sector, and industries. She understands security, IT infrastructure, data centre services, cloud services, network services as well as in-depth knowledge of service management, information/data management, and IT program management functions.

The range of CYPFER clients in critical industries includes: financial institutions, including banks, brokerage, and insurance firms; law firms; oil & gas facilities; refineries & petrochemical industry; power generation and transmission; research and development; software and technology companies; telecommunications; airports, seaports, trucking and transportation hubs; defense & homeland security; and water utilities.

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