“THE PULSE,” ON AMI RADIO – Ed Dubrovsky on protecting your online data

Ed Dubrovsky
E: [email protected]
Posted on: October 25, 2018

Your personal data is everywhere. That social media app that purports to be “free,” is actually costing you some of your personal information. Want to use a navigation app like Uber? Not before you open an account, including payment information. What about the convenience of online banking? Yup, you’ll be signing over personal information for that, too. Storing your photos in the cloud, synching your contact list, and even web browsing, every drib and drab of the digital age comes with a data price.

But what happens when the people who have your data get hacked? And, how can you protect your personal data?

Ed Dubrovsky, Managing Director of Cyber Breach Response at Cypfer, explains on “The Pulse,” on AMI Radio.