Tracking of Hostile Digital Communication

For individuals, organizations and their employees, hostile digital communications distributed through broadcast campaigns (abusive phishing) or personalized and directed assaults (spoofing) can create a devastating effect – morally, emotionally and physically. Regardless if the attack is from a competitor, ex-loved one, family member, rogue employee, or Third Party, the ability to discover and stop such attacks in a timely and contained manner is critical.

CYPFER offers a unique approach to the routing and resolution of hostile digital communications through messaging, emails and social media – a series of interrelated physical and digital activities, guidelines and concepts. Coordinated through a specialized engagement manager, our team of forensic specialists, IT security investigators and professional private investigators will help stop malicious communications.

“It’s not about how to respond to hostile e-mails sent by perpetrators. It’s about stopping them in a way that ends victimization and allows you to re-gain control your identity and of the situation.” – Bryan Zarnett

  • We support you and your legal teams in the clear documentation of activities.
  • We provide effective solutions in dealing with high conflict individuals.
  • Petrification of documents of e-Discovery, litigation and legal communications.
  • Physical and digital discovery of communication activities.
  • Tracing of digital communications to their originating source.

Our focus is on the delivery of informative and actionable cyber security consulting that allows your organization to meet its enterprise transformation goals.