Supporting Legal Firms and Law Practices

Legal firms absolutely cannot compromise on ready access to data in order to work efficiently or being protected against data breaches that would undermine confidentiality. Our solutions provide maximum protection against cyber-attacks that could destroy a law firm’s or their client’s reputation in a day.

Become a CYPFER Legal Parnter 

CYPFER combines our global cyber services to create the best strategy for law firms including security assessments, penetration testing, digital investigations, ransomware investigations and cybersecurity awareness training. Based on the specific needs and budget, we collaborate with law firms to create the right strategy for clients.

Your firm doesn’t need to struggle with complying with government requirements for cybersecurity, as well as those put in place by your clients. If you do suffer a breach, we’re there to help you recover, notify the right people and take care of the remediation afterwards.

Law firms depend on a stellar reputation, especially when it comes to client confidentiality 

Whether a staff member unwittingly causes a data breach, or a malicious attacker gets through from the outside, your reputation may not be able to recover. We minimize this risk through robust cybersecurity that follows best practices for law practice technology. You benefit from our highly skilled cyber consultants hat your attorneys and other support staff can depend on even when they’re about to head into the courtroom.