CYPFER is the leading provider of cyber security services to the insurance industry

Cyber crime is big business. With the number of players increasing and the tools readily available to launch attacks, businesses must create effective security strategies that go beyond technology controls to address key business risks. The threats are real and having strong cyber security protection is important for businesses of all sizes. CYPFER has tailored our services to help organizations raise awareness, improve countermeasures, and prepare to address cyber threats when they occur. Our elite team has unparalleled experience dealing with cyber attacks, ransomware, and privacy breaches.

Insurance Companies That Trust CYPFER

CYPFER has been working with insurers over many years, building up a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s technology needs, strategic business issues and the specific threats it faces. Our research-driven approach helps us truly understand the methodologies of the cyber criminals targeting businesses. After all, understanding the threat forms the basis for effective counters, meeting each specific threat with a targeted defence.

  • AIG
  • Ascent
  • Beazley
  • CFC
  • CNA
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Marsh
  • HUB
  • QBC
  • Temple
  • Travelers
  • Zurich

CYPFER Services

Fast and Effective Ransomware Mitigation Experts: Some of the world’s largest corporations trust CYPFER as their go-to ransomware mitigation experts. No matter how complex an attack is, our in-depth ransomware expertise will help to rapidly restore important data and files, minimalize ransomware removal costs, quickly access data, avoid disruptions to operations and prevent expensive ransomware attacks in the future.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response: Quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a breach – and then contain, eradicate and investigate the incident, or get proactive by solidifying your response before a security event occurs.

Managed Security Testing: Assess for vulnerabilities and penetration test databases, networks and applications on a single platform.

Cyber Security Awareness Education: Give your employees the tools they need to protect your data through our REBO accredited interactive game-based training that helps them understand threats, like social engineering, and instills best practices for security hygiene.


CYPFER provides the expertise and global reach to assist organizations with their cyber security challenges.

Globally Accessible: Our global footprint extends to every corner of the globe and so does cyber crime. Let us help your organization, wherever you are, to mitigate the cyber risks you’re facing.

A deep understanding of offensive security: Our research team provides clients with both technical and business acumen based on their decades of experience in law enforcement, military, intelligence services and the private sector. This knowledge of the latest criminal tactics, techniques and procedures enables us to identify little-known risks as well as enhance threat hunting, detection and response.

The latest technology and intelligence: We optimize the latest technologies, behavioural monitoring and ethical hacking tools to help identify, detect and respond to the latest cyber security threats.

Team of true experts: Our specialist team of penetration testers, analysts, engineers and consultants collaborate closely to improve the effectiveness of our cyber security services.

Committed to you: Relationships with our clients are built on mutual trust and long-term commitment to providing effective and efficient solutions. The CYPFER team provides a service that is second to none.

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