Insurance CYPFER is the leading provider of cyber security services to the insurance industry Cyber crime is big business. With the number of players increasing and the tools readily available to launch attacks, businesses must create effective security strategies that go beyond technology controls to address key business risks. The threats are real and having … Continue reading Insurance


Supporting Legal Firms and Law Practices Legal firms absolutely cannot compromise on ready access to data in order to work efficiently or being protected against data breaches that would undermine confidentiality. Our solutions provide maximum protection against cyber-attacks that could destroy a law firm's or their client’s reputation in a day. Become a CYPFER Legal … Continue reading Legal


Today’s manufacturing companies require more efficient workflows, secure access to information throughout the plant, and reliable network systems. By nature, manufacturers are hyper-focused on producing as efficiently as possible. Don’t let a cybercriminal gain a competitive edge, contact us now to learn how to protect your valuable assets.

Financial Services

Meeting contemporary cyber-threats head-on requires a high level of staff awareness and training, along with well-defined processes and sophisticated security systems that need to be closely monitored and managed. In addition, financial institutions deal with highly confidential data that needs to be stored and managed securely and in a compliant manner without unduly impacting on … Continue reading Financial Services


Health care organizations are greater targets for theft than organizations in other sectors. From personal health to research information hold high value commodities to cyber criminals. Contact CYPFER to help mitigate risk from cyber threats and protect your patients, research and privacy.


Cyber threats are evolving and escalating at an alarming rate for mining and metals, and other asset-intensive industries. Understand your cyber threat landscape and what CYPFER services can do for you.


For the government, in cybersecurity the stakes are sky-high. Hacking public-sector information might expose national security as well as citizens’ trust. As cybersecurity becomes a global issue, it’s key for governments and government agencies to implement the right tools and processes to protect themselves and their citizens from potentially devastating threats. Learn how CYPFER can … Continue reading Government


Cyber-attacks against the aerospace industry are increasing in frequency and sophistication. This issue has led to more detailed regulations, which require time and effort to stay in compliance with. CYPFER understands these risks is dedicated to keeping your organization safe, even as the threats against you evolve.

Education/ Higher Education

Higher educational institutions tend to be popular targets for cyber-attacks. Between their relatively open networks and their extensive quantities of sensitive student data, universities face serious challenges in cybersecurity. Face these challenges head on with CYPFER services.


The retail sector is an attractive target as it faces several cybersecurity threats, including POS, DDoS and Ransomware. CYPFER cybersecurity and compliance solutions for the retail industry deliver the protection and performance your organization demands.