Cyber Breach Simulation

Are you under attack? Organizational, procedural and technical weaknesses are opening the door to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Even with security controls in place to test vulnerabilities, the hackers, committed professional criminals are breaching defenses.

A Real-world Approach To The Cyber Threat

The more you know about the threat’s your organization faces, the less vulnerable you are to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. CYPFER gives you that knowledge. A Cyber Attack Simulation exposes both known and unknown vulnerabilities by our team of elite cyber consultants acting like a cybercriminal and putting your defenses in a real-life threat scenario.

Leveraging our years in cyber security, our experts have created proven methodologies that span multiple technologies and security control areas, from physical security to personnel and procedural security controls, to system and application-level penetration.

Getting Into The Minds Of Cyber Attackers

We understand how a cyber attacker thinks. Our approach goes beyond traditional penetration testing, which often excludes the very tactics, assets, or locations most valuable to attackers. Utilizing our expert dark/deep web team, we go beyond the traditional open source information to understand an attacker’s point of view. This enables us to quickly identify the security gaps in how an organization’s most valued assets are being protected, areas other firms miss. We look at every attack surface because we know the real-world cyber-criminal will target any vulnerability.


  • Mitigate attacks before they happen
  • Optimize investment in your cyber security budget
  • Get a comprehensive assessment
  • Decades of experience in law enforcement, military, intelligence services and the private sector.
  • True offensive security experts with firsthand knowledge of criminal tactics, techniques and procedures
  • 24/7/365 Support

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