Cyber Breach Investigations

CYPFER incident response teams are available with minimal notice, supporting your organization in its technical, legal, social and HR response to a breach event. We work with your existing breach response plans or utilize our dynamic breach response methodology to identify, contain, remove and recover during a security incident. Our team members have experience in cyber breach incidents that include politically motivated attacks, device theft origination, data extortion, rogue employees, and mail misdirection with the intent to deceive.

“CYPFER is a true first-responder Cybersecurity organization that is focused on enabling clients to return to business rapidly, the right way. Our CYPFER Rapid Recovery Methodology ™ is the industry’s leading approach enables our Legal, DFIR and PR partners to collaborate rapidly and effectively with our recovery experts and ransomware negotiators allows clients to return rapidly to operational state”

Daniel Tobok, Chief Executive Officer

Our Cyber Breach investigation addresses three key areas: 1) the management of the incident, 2) support of the incident investigation and 3) resolution, litigation management and incident readiness. We work closely with your employees, Board of Directors and stakeholders to provide counter-measures and insight.

  • Pragmatic investigation team follows a prioritized plan and explorative actions.
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence through forensic and offensive security experiences.
  • Support for legal activities including interactions with law firms and expert witnesses.
  • Clearly documented breach activity narrative and post-breach recommendations.
  • National and international CSIRT team and coordination centers.

Our focus is on the delivery of informative and actionable cyber security consulting that allows your organization to meet its enterprise transformation goals.