Digital Forensics

CYPFER: Unveiling Truth in Complex Investigations

When fraud, financial tampering, computer crimes, or employee misconduct occur, uncovering the truth demands tracing digital trails. At CYPFER, we specialize in guiding corporations, law firms, and government agencies through intricate investigative and litigation matters involving electronic evidence.

Comprehensive Expertise

CYPFER’s computer forensics experts leave no digital stone unturned. We provide thorough support at any stage of digital forensics investigations, regardless of data source, quantity or location.

Cyber Crime Examination

Our approach combines cutting-edge computer forensic expertise with traditional investigative methods to unravel the facts and uncover critical information.

Data Preservation and Collection

CYPFER offers cost-effective and defensible methodologies for identifying, preserving, and collecting electronic data, ensuring integrity throughout the process.

Forensic Analysis and Recovery

From deleted or manipulated data to accidental alterations, our experts swiftly analyze digital clues, revealing vital insights defensibly.

Expert Testimony and Reporting

Our highly experienced and credentialed experts offer expert witness services and specialized reporting to support your legal proceedings credibly.

Internal Investigations

CYPFER assists in internal investigations, providing meticulous digital scrutiny to uncover potential irregularities or misconduct within your organization.

IP/Trade Secret Misappropriation

AT CYPFER our dedicated team is committed to uncovering the culprits behind thefts, identifying what was stolen, and determining precisely when these incidents occurred.

Employee Misconduct

Unveiling digital evidence of employee misconduct, CYPFER provides clarity in cases of malpractice or policy breaches within your company.

At CYPFER, we are dedicated to unveiling the truth in complex investigations. Trust us to navigate the intricate digital landscape, providing you with clarity and confidence when it matters most.