Threat and Risk Assessment

An efficient and balanced security program starts with a comprehensive risk assessment.

At CYPFER, we bring a holistic approach to systematically assessing security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks across various elements of your physical, information, cyber and security management programs. Our unified assessment program helps organizations like yours bridge the gaps with risk-based, prioritized, and synergetic security strategies. We focus on risks and weaknesses that can impact an organization in terms of business outcomes, as well as the safety and security of employees and assets.

CYPFER experts assist our clients in forecasting and mitigating threats and risks through reviews, incident management and security due diligence. We provide TRAs for numerous clients both domestically and internationally with a team of subject matter experts utilizing internationally recognized methodologies which provides the breadth and depth of experience to do a thorough assessment. Our TRAs provide actionable safeguards that anticipate and counter potential threats.


  • Identify threats to the facility and its assets;
  • Assess the risks associated with threats in terms of likelihood (probability), impact, vulnerability and consequences; and,
  • Make recommendations to avoid, reduce, spread, transfer or accept the impact(s) should the threat(s) be carried out.
  • Once the TRA is completed, CYPFER works closely with our clients to develop appropriate security and emergency response plans including staff training and policy implementation.

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While a robust unified risk assessment forms a solid foundation for your security program and for analyzing your investment costs versus benefits, we understand not all clients’ needs are the same. Click-on our additional services to learn more.

Block your cyber risks before they turn into a crisis.