Security Strategy Assessment

As a security leader, you must navigate an ever-changing security landscape. To chart a successful course, it is imperative to align operational excellence and security priorities, meet overarching business objectives and articulate a clear vision of how your program maps to the realities of your business. The Security Strategy Assessment is a collaborative and strategic service designed to give you the tools to reach a business aligned, threat aware program no matter where you are on your security journey.

What is a security strategy assessment?

A Security Strategy Assessment (SSA) can tell you everything about your security environment and what your company is doing – or not doing – to safeguard your systems and comply with the regulations your industry requires.

The SSA discovers and expands on vulnerabilities found throughout your environment. We identify gaps in your security posture and delivers a roadmap, based on discovered security risks, that prioritize the activities needed to improve your overall position.


We care about your organization as an extension of our own. Our goal is to create a customized holistic security program that goes beyond a traditional vulnerability assessment or penetration test your leaders can determine the best methods to prevent a breach, protect your assets and reputation, move more quickly in the case of a security incident and recover faster with less damage.

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