Secure Code Assessments

Secure Code Assessments (static code analysis) is an important part of any modern software development lifecycle (SDLC), a key component of the development and quality assurance cycle in a waterfall or Agile approach to software development. Our Secure Code Assessments are performed by senior software developers with experience in quality coding standards, architecture and design, and IT security approaches. Secure code assessments examine your underlying source code and configuration files to recognize potential threats that face your organization during the implementation stages of your solution.

CYPFER can provide secure code analysis for desktop, web and mobile applications. Secure code analysis can be enhanced with our Vulnerability Assessments to understand threats from a logical and physical point of view.

  • Development of threat models based on your architecture and design documents.
  • Review of source code in multiple languages including: Java, Ruby, NodeJS, C/C++ as well as others.
  • Development of secure code libraries to help support resolution of issues.
  • Review of code at the unit, technology and system levels.
  • Establish long-term solutions to common coding threats.
  • Help define standard idioms, heuristics and conventions for secure coding practices.

Our focus is on the delivery of informative and actionable cyber security consulting that allows your organization to meet its enterprise transformation goals.