Resilience Services


At CYPFER we believe that much of what an organization can do to achieve better security posture and reduce risk are capabilities that already exist within your existing technologies. As the world around us continue to tackle the risks associated to digital assets new capabilities emerge within existing technologies that only require some initial configuration and in many cases minimal care and feeding.

Under our RESILIENCY service offering we perform an in-depth assessment that looks at your existing technology platforms and your future direction/plans.

Using this information and our in-depth knowledge associated to attack trajectory, and methodology we are able to work with your existing teams to improve you security posture. Many times without spending a single dime on new technologies.

Our capabilities include:

  • Rebuild better (architecture activities – review and provide recommendations for hardening of the environment to minimize risk associated with repeat attacks)
  • Migrate from outdated and vulnerable solutions (Support for cloud & application migration or hardening)
  • Migration of workloads to cloud
  • Implementation of security controls such as MFA/2FA & DDoS protection
  • Assess identity management practices (Account Audits)

Our process is unique in that we are building a specific program for each of our clients and base it on a long-term relationship approach. Cyber-resiliency like everything else in the Cybersecurity industry is not a sprint, but rather an ultra marathon and we are looking to build a framework of trust, results and agile response with our clients.

Our methodology includes:

  • Review and mapping of existing technologies, processes and policies
  • Review of personnel capabilities
  • Review future projects and projections
  • Review of the industry the organization is operating within and the digital assets
  • Assess risks associated to relevant attack types and vectors
  • In-depth reporting and working session with executives, management and technical personnel

Come and join the growing number of experts making a meaningful difference when it comes to the human aspect of cyber security.