Cyber threats are on the rise, and the question is not if, but when an organization will face a cyber incident. In response to this growing concern, PLMC and Patjan’s CyberTech are proud to present the Cyber Incident Management Seminar. This event brings together industry experts and professionals to explore critical aspects of cyber incident preparedness, negotiation, and recovery.

This seminar covers:

  • Acquire knowledge and insights from esteemed speakers.
  • Network with cybersecurity professionals and peers.
  • Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture.
  • Be better prepared to handle cyber incidents.

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This year, the conference promises an unparalleled experience, elevating the discourse on the ‘Evolution of Technology’. CYDEC 2023 is set to be more expansive than any of its predecessors, doubling its roster of international speakers, and inviting an unparalleled array of tech maestros to the pristine shores of the Cayman Islands. CYDEC 2023 is also poised to be a nexus for high-octane networking opportunities. Attendees will include luminaries from the tech landscape, stalwarts of the financial domain, visionary government leaders, and engaged members of the wider community.

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Today marks the launch of CyberU35s in a prestigious collaboration with Lloyd’s, and it promises to be an exciting event bringing together over 275 cyber professionals.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Kieran Quigley ACII, Founder and Chair of CYU35s, will share a visionary outlook for the group.
  • Connect and socialize with fellow cyber professionals during the dynamic networking session.

This launch event not only celebrates the inception of CyberU35s but also represents CYPFER through a unique perspective. It’s an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, network, and stay at the forefront of cyber insurance trends.

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The threat of cyber attacks is now a known business risk! Attend the session, “Understanding Hackers and Other Cyber Criminals” at the 2023 World Technology Law Conference to learn about the behaviors of threat actors and the intelligence available to determine the modus operandi of attack groups.

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Join CYPFER in celebrating its remarkable first year filled with innovation and cybersecurity excellence. Throughout this journey, they’ve fearlessly tackled challenges, pushed technological boundaries, and protected the digital landscape. They raise a toast to their accomplishments and look forward to another year of success and growth, with the goal of making the digital realm safer than ever.

CYPFER is released captivating anniversary videos showcasing their milestones, breakthroughs, and transformation from a startup to a cybersecurity leader. These visuals will provide insights into their journey, lessons learned, and industry insights.

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The Zywave Cyber Risk Insights event in London brings together industry experts to discuss and share insights on cyber risk. With a panel of distinguished speakers, attendees have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and network with professionals in the field. If you’re at the event, be sure to connect with our team members and make the most of this informative gathering!

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Stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of cyber risk management at the NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit in Toronto. Join CYPFER’s CEO, Daniel Tobok, and other top experts as they delve into real-world challenges in the industry, including M&A deals and pressing current issues.

Key Highlights:

  • Gain practical knowledge and insights from industry leaders.
  • Connect with professionals in the field and expand your network.
  • Secure your spot and be at the forefront of the cyber risk management industry.

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Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise. As businesses adapt to the “new normal” of extreme uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also faced with new challenges in their environments. Threat actors are adapting their approach, focusing their efforts on the exploitation of individuals. With many businesses now working remotely, the increase in cyber-criminal activities can create higher risks and the likelihood of losses for businesses.

Given these heightened risks, it’s even more important for businesses to stay informed of the cyber threats their organizations face both presently and when they transition back to normal. It is possible that the transition to normal operations takes longer to achieve and may never look the same as it did prior to COVID-19. With the changes in societal norms and work activities, new risks may arise and should be understood. Organizations that implement steps to managing these risks should have better outcomes when trying to protect themselves and their employees.

Join CYPFER CEO Daniel Tobok and COO Ed Dubrovsky as they explore the post COVID-19 threat landscape.

This live webinar will cover:

  • How ransomware attacks are changing with COVID-19
  • Challenges with ransomware and COVID-19
  • Examples of current COVID-19 incidents
  • What’s next in Ransomware post COVID-19

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This conference features more than 60 speakers at the forefront of privacy liability and risk management. Connect with industry leaders at our panel discussions, interactive workshops, networking receptions, special luncheons, and more!

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This conference features more than 60 speakers at the forefront of privacy liability and risk management. With unique content on the Canadian cyber landscape, the event draws hundreds of professionals from the cyber insurance community and beyond. Connect with industry leaders at our panel discussions, interactive workshops, networking receptions, special luncheons, and more!

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February 12, 2020  |  Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto. ON

Theme: “Give and Take: why helping others drives our success”, based on the highly acclaimed book written by Adam M. Grant, PhD, Sociologist and top-rated Wharton Professor.  The research concludes there are three styles of social interaction; givers, takers and matchers. Despite popular myth, givers enjoy the most success in the long run and in fact create a contagious positive working environment driving exponential team success. The CCTX is a collection of givers, empowering trust and success.   Join us for a day of giving, learning and sharing excellence.

With CCTX membership more than doubling in the past year, we are moving to a larger facility for 2020 – The Beanfield Centre 105 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto.  More space – more sessions – more value.

This full-day event will feature a variety of guest speakers, breakout sessions and a Sponsor Gallery. Complimentary full breakfast and lunch will be provided, along with an end-of-day networking reception. To view agenda click here

Cypfer Managing Director of Cyber Awareness Training Danny Pehar  hosts the first invitation only roundtable to kickoff 2019 Cyber Security Awareness Month. 

Recap of the event:

Cybercriminals discuss plans on which organizations to target, they share attack tips and strategies with each other on a regular basis.
It’s for this reason, that Cypfer truly believes, if the bad guys are working together, then we need to work together as well.

Cypfer is proud to share its vast knowledge of cyber threats with its surrounding business community.

Let’s tackle the threats and vulnerabilities brought on by the digital age by coming together and sharing what we know.
We are stronger together!

Attending the 24th Annual Fraud & Anti-counterfeiting Conference in Toronto, Ontario September 18-20, 2019? Hear from CYPFER CEO Daniel Tobok on the following two panels.

Fraud Preparedness: Is Your Business/Workplace Safe from Fraudsters?
Protecting your business from Fraud: How to prevent phishing, online safety, physical safety within your office premises, education of
staff to protect against fraudsters. Don’t be the vicƟm of money laundering, proceeds of crime or the activities of organized crime or terrorists. How can you take steps to detect and prevent organized crime infiltration.

The Cyber World and Counterfeiters:
What can be done to better conduct online investigations? How to develop your case in order to provide a useful intelligence package for
law enforcement. The increased use of mobile and computer based interfaces by brands and the impact of cyber related crime.
Keeping your business safe from cyber attacks. What to do to prevent them and what to do if you need help immediately!

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Hear CEO Daniel Tobok speak on Techniques and Approach: Gathering Intelligence on foreign-launched cyber-attacks.

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Join us as CEO Daniel Tobok presents at the NetDiligence Risk Summit in Philadelphia.

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Join CYPFER CEO Daniel Tobok as he speaks on the Managing Opportunities and Risks – Technology and Security panel

Visit the CYPFER team at their booth and hear CYPFER CEO Daniel Tobok speak on April 4, 2019

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Our focus is on the delivery of informative and actionable cyber security consulting that allows your organization to meet its enterprise transformation goals.